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You can link to this website freely. Please use the linking button when you link.
Please download it and link to or
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If you want mutual linking, please propose from Proposal Form after you will
link to this website. We will link to your website from this page in a week
except when your website isn't suitable for linking.
When we will complete the linking, we will email you to inform that.
We will also email you even if we won't link to your website.

When you want to revise the informations you registered,
please email to or propose from Proposal Form again.
Please mark "登録内容変更" when you revise the informations.

※The registration for mutual linking is free of charge.

Rilakkuma World
It's a fan site for Rilakkuma fans.
The webmaster is our shop's customer.
You can play games and make friends there !!
No button San-X Blog Chara
You can arrange your blog using cute designs such as Rilakkuma.
No button San-X Card
You don't have to pay any fee for registration or maintaining.
It's Aeon/VISA card. You can select a character among
Tarepanda, Kogepan, Rilakkuma.
No button San-X Land
It's a site of Nintendo game "San-X Land".
You can play with San-X characters in the games.
No button Watashi no Rilakkuma
A game soft for Nintendo DS.
You can play with Rilakkuma making a fancy room ♪
No button Akibako
Rilakkuma's author, Aki Kondo's website.
No button San-X Net
Rilakkuma, Tarepanda's maker, San-X's website.
No button Italian girl's blog
She loves kawaii stuffs so much !
  For mutual linking website
  For mutual linking website

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