How to make an order from abroad

<Page1>Select the quantity of the products and click ”Add to Cart”.

<Page2> Click ”次のステップへ(情報入力画面)”.

<Page3-1> ①、②:Input your e-mail address. (the same e-mail address to the both.)
        ③、④:Input your name. ”姓” is the second name. ”名” is the first name.

<Page3-2> ①Input "0000000". ②Select one prefecture.(”奈良県” is OK.)
        ③Input only "overseas". ④Input "000-000-0000".
        ⑤Select "PayPal".

<Page3-3> ①Input your address for shipping (We will send the products there) and
         your phone number.
         If the address isn't your home, please input your home address
         below those
with "Home Address:".
         If you have some messages, input them here too.
<Caution !> Please input your (or recipient's) name
                  and your (his) country name as well.

If you want to have the products sended by "Danke Danke.Com",
please input the address and phone number which is appointed by
"Danke Danke Com"
as the information for shipping.

<Page3-4> Check the check-box and click ”次のステップへ(ご注文内容確認)”.

<Page4-1> Confirm your order informations.
        (But the fee isn't correct. Another delivery fee will be added
        to the current fee. → Shipping cost
        You will know the correct fee by the e-mail which will be sent later.
        You can cancel after that if you want to.)

<Page4-2> Confirm your information and click ”ご注文確定”.

<Page4-3> Click "OK" button.

<Page5> All the procedure for the order has ended. An e-mail will be sent soon to confirm.
      Please keep the e-mail and wait another e-mail which contains informations
      about fee and payment.

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